Delena Portman Fendley, age 96, was born in Louisville, KY. She was a housewife and a member of St. Paul Catholic Church,

She was the daughter of the late Ray Smith and Rose Braun Howell.

She was preceded in death by her Parents; husbands Clarence Portman and William Fendley; a son Michael Portman; one infant daughter Mary; one infant Granddaughter; one Grandson and one Sister.

She is survived by four sons Martin, Gregory, Christopher, and Timmy Portman; eight daughters Carolyn Clark, Rita Gawarecki, Agnes Kipper, Bernadette Marques, Gloria Henshaw, Angela Evans, Sylvia Sanders and Nancy Kersey; 38 Grandchildren; 53 Great-grandchildren; 5 Great-great-grandchildren; two sisters Sylvia Brewer and Rachel Davis and one brother Joseph Howell.

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